In 2015 we got new partners at The Danish Cafe in Red Bank, Nikki & Chino and we hope that all our customers will welcome them as they did with us..

 The Danish Cafe, 2 Bridge Avenue, Red Bank

Claudi, Lone, Nikki & Chino

Welcome to The Danish Café & Restaurant Bornholm

Danish Couple Opens The Danish Cafe In New Jersey.


 About us

  We, Lone & Claudi, are a danish couple from a small island in
  Denmark called Bornholm.
  We have during the years spent a lot of holidays in the US and has
  come to love the country and its people. It may seem as a big step,
  and it sure is, but when we  had the opportunity to follow our dream
  of living in the US, we gladly took it.
  We have a background of running a hotel in Denmark and even though
  it is a totaly different country, we have many things in common.
  We wanted to present a piece of Denmark to the american people and
  then the idea of a danish cafe'  came up.

  In 2012 we opened up The Danish Café in Red Bank, New Jersey and it has
  been very succesful.

  This summer 2016 we opened up a Danish restaurant in Brooklyn. The
  name of the restaurant is Bornholm, which is also the name of the island
​  where the couple is from, and it will be located on 138 Smith St. in
​  Brooklyn. 

  We hope, that you, our customers, will like what we have to offer and
​  look forward to welcome you to our restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, as
  well as to The Danish Cafe' in Red Bank, New Jersey.