1) Roastbeeff w/ "Remoulade" & Roasted Onions (pickled mayonnaise)

2) Ham w/ "Italiensk salat" (mayonnaise w carrots & peas)

​3) Roasted Pork w/ "Rødkål" ​(Red cabbage)

​4) Salami (Spegepølse) w/ "Remoulade", Peppers & Roasted onions

​5) Eggs & Tomatoes

​6) Sliced Cheese

​7) Frikadelle w/ "Rødkål" ​(Danish Meatball with Red Cabbage)

​8) Eggs & Shrimp

9) Eggs & Herring​​

1) Roastbeeff w/ "Remoulade" & Roasted Onions (pickled mayonnaise)
2) Ham-Cheese-Tomatoes 
​3) Roasted Pork w/ "Rødkål" ​(Red Cabbage)
​4) Chicken Douglas 
​5) Frikadelle w/ "Rødkål" ​(Danish Meatball with Red Cabbage)

​                                                                                      Wraps: "Chicken Caesar" - "Vegetarian" - "Turkey BLT"
                                                       Salad: "Caesar" - "Greek" - "House"
                                                                      Great Dane: (Danish hotdog with everything)
                                                     Hapsdog: (European style hotdog)
                  Danish Plate
               Lox Platter
                                Herring & Lox Platter
​                  Cheese Plate​​

Artisan Roll​​s


​Yogurt with Fruit & Granola

​​Mixed Fruit

Breakfast Plate


 Hot Ciabatta

 The Danish Cafe, 2 Bridge Avenue, Red Bank

Ask for Gluten Free options


The Danish Café, Red Bank, NJ

 Smørrebrød (open-Faced Sandwiches)